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Welcome to Visions for Peace Initiative

Visions For Peace Initiative (VFPI) is a non-governmental grassroots organization working to promote communal peaceful co-existence void of violence (especially sexual and gender based violence), child abuse, human trafficking and capacity building through education and skill empowerment of the citizenry at the grassroots level. The organisation is structured by a three member board of trustees and highly trained staff with offices in

  • Lagos and Abuja


  • To promote peaceful coexistence and sustenance of human rights, giving hope to the most at risked group in the society

Mission Statement

  • A non-political and non-profit making organisation committed to the promotion and attainment of equality, development and peace and enhancement of the enforcement of Women and children’s Rights.

NO to Violence, YES to PEACE

Focus Areas

Civic Education

At VFPI, we have an understanding that, it is important that children be trained early in life on how to ...

Gender Rights, Violence & Violence

VFPI is a committed member of the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Subsector Working Group of the Federal Ministry Of Women ...

Human and Child Labor

VFPI is making efforts to work with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development Abuja to provide services ...

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

The foundations for sexuality, reproductive health and gender relations are laid very early in life and these are influenced by ...


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